Raising Up the Lowcountry Christmas Gala
December 8, 2023
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What We Do
We exist to simply show love and care for single moms in the Charleston area, by helping them find healing, discover their worth, experience peace, and find hope for tomorrow.


Being a mother is one of the sweetest blessings in life, but for single moms it comes with unique challenges as well. We know that she needs someone to tell her she’s doing a good job, to support her during the hard times, and to offer hope for victories along the way.


Many single moms need someone to teach essential life skills, such as budgeting, cooking, wellness and work ethic. Our teaching team helps her create healthy, life-giving habits that not only provide help for today’s struggles, but set her up for ongoing success.


With challenges of basic needs like food, shelter and clothing, as well as transportation, education and medical needs, the single mom still wants what’s best for her children. Our intent is to provide her with short-term relief that leads to long-term independence.
Our Programs
Habits are often passed down from one generation to the next, and our goal is to create healthy, life-giving habits through our coaching programs.


Physical health is important for keeping up with life’s many demands. We promote an active lifestyle through simple exercises and classes designed to keep you moving.


Money can be difficult to manage, especially when it’s scarce. We teach how to budget your money and make better spending decisions for your financial well being.


A hectic schedule often means more eating out, which negatively affects your health and finances. Learn how to save money on food and eat well, while creating more family time.


Children don’t come with an instruction manual, and it’s even harder for single moms sometimes. We offer practical techniques and wisdom for raising children.


Sometimes a move up in career can make a huge difference. We help you go after your new career by helping you create your resume, interview effectively and dress for success.

Life Skills

Our desire is to see single moms fully equipped to lead a productive and successful life for her and her children. Our life skills coaching covers the little things not addressed in our other programs.
We are continually working to connect experts with our community of single moms. If there is a skill that you can teach, or if you are in need of specific coaching, let us know.
About Us
Raising Up the Lowcountry is a foundation based in Charleston, SC, that is committed to helping and supporting working single moms.
Our forward-thinking approach doesn’t condemn decisions, or condone behavior, but focuses entirely on encouraging single moms as they move toward a better life for themselves and their children. We believe when you make a difference in her life, you can make lasting change for the next generation.

Our founder Frances Scott understands the struggle of being a single mom, but she also knows there is always a reason to hope through it all. Becoming a single mom more than 40 years ago, she worked tirelessly to provide for her two sons and raise them to the best of her ability. Although the journey was tough, her story is a testimony that there is hope and a bright future for single moms.

She didn’t always feel like she was doing it right, help was hard to come by, and she often doubted whether it would ever get better. Yet with one son who would go on to have a distinguished military career, and another who serves in the United States Senate, she is delighted to help other young, single moms persevere. Now her desire is to walk alongside others who are just like she once was, by offering them encouragement, help and hope.
I Want to Help
We are always seeking compassionate individuals to offer their time, skills and resources to help single moms.
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I Need Help
Learn how we can walk alongside you with learning opportunities, community and support.
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I Want to Help

Your support is an important part of everything we do, and we look forward to learning more about what you bring to this organization.
Do you have a skill or profession that would benefit a single mom? Our biggest need is for people who can make a long-term difference in the lives of single moms. Please consider volunteering your time to teach classes or mentor one-on-one.
Another way to give your time is through professional services. Would you consider meeting the needs of a single mom with a service that she cannot afford? Or maybe you have a skill that would benefit the foundation as well.
We always want to promote independence and personal responsibility, but sometimes a gift through our foundation can go a long way to providing immediate relief. Please consider meeting the short-term needs of our single moms with your financial gift. GIVE NOW ›

I Need Help

We simply want to show you love and care for you wherever you are in your journey. 
We want you to feel well equipped so you can be confident that you are doing everything you can for your children. Let us connect you with our teachers and coaches who will help you move forward in important areas of life.
We connect you with other single moms of all ages who will walk alongside you to encourage and inspire, and to let you know that even on the hardest days, you can do this, and do it well.
We can help you in many areas that will not cost you a dime, by connecting you with professionals who generously volunteer their time to help those in need, including dental, vision, car care, home maintenance, and so much more.